About Pastor Cecil

My name is Pastor Cecil A. Thompson. I feel that I am the most blest man in the world. God has given me the opportunity to share the thoughts and memories that come into my heart on a daily basis. For over ten years I have been sending out a daily message by e-mail. I call it the Daily-E-Votional.

I started this ministry back in September 2000. Originally I sent a message seven days a week, but after six months reduced it to five days a week. God has seen fit to bless this ministry beyond my expectations.

I never know exactly what experiences or memories I will use to create a new E-Votional, but let me share a message I just received recently:


I don’t know how you do it but time and again you send out the exact message that needs to be heard at that time. Such is the case with today’s message. Just wanted you to know that your message for today was a real encouragement to me and I will in turn try to be an encouragement to my co-workers.

Thank You

I have learned that we do not need to be talented or gifted, we just need to be available to share the things we encounter with those around us. I am overjoyed to be used of the Lord even at age 83. I am a true example that God can use anyone.

– – – – – – – – – –

From time to time I receive e-mail requests asking about me and who I am? To be honest I ask myself the same questions from time to time. With that in mind, I would like to give you a brief view of who this guy is who calls himself “Pastor Cecil.”

Current Status:

Pastor, Tumwater Chapel of Grace Ministries
5116 Bald Eagle Lane S.W.
Tumwater, Washington 98512

Educational Information:

 Work experience: (This is reality and where it gets interesting)

• Delivered milk and worked in dairy processing plant while in High School
• Worked with my father as carpenter’s helper
• Picked up trash (lasted only a few weeks before enlisting in the USAF)
• Served four years in the United States Air Force as a jet mechanic
• Returned to civilian life to attend college
• While working on my BA degree: Worked as city police officer and juvenile probation officer
• Commissioned Officer in United States Air Force and Served as: Personnel officer, Missile launch control officer, nuclear safety officer.
• After eight years returned to civilian life: Served as Corrections Specialist and Deputy director of the Idaho Law Enforcement Planning Commission

Ministry Experience:

• Preaching assignments in South Dakota, Newfoundland and Missouri
• Associate Pastor (Discipleship and Counseling) Nampa, Idaho, 1st Nazarene
• Pastor — Burns, Oregon Church of the Nazarene
• Pastor – Shelton, Washington Church of the Nazarene
• Pastor – Olympia, Washington – Summit Lake Community Church
• Pastor—Chapel of Grace Ministries

Personal Background and Testimony:

I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, during a Vacation Bible School in Camas, Washington, when I was in the third or fourth grade. It was a real experience and I have never turned back from following Him all of my life. I fell in love with my sweetheart, Joyce, when we were both 14. We have been married over 54 years and are devoted to each other.

We were blessed with three beautiful children and eight grandchildren. Blessing is the operative word in our life. We have learned the secret of blessing. In 1991, one year after becoming pastor at Summit Lake Community Church, our oldest daughter ascended to be with our Lord. We learned the blessing of trusting the Lord, even when allowing our precious girl to slip the bonds of this world. Her three children have been surrounded with our prayers and have become a joy to us.

We enjoy having our son Dan and his wife Donna and their family living close to us. Our youngest daughter, Lori, experienced kidney failure in 2001 She began receiving kidney dialysis and went on the list for a transplant of both her kidney and pancreas. On December 18, 2001, our granddaughter, Jenna (Brenda’s daughter), donated one of her kidneys to her aunt Lori. The transplant was a great success. On February 5, 2002, a pancreas became available and was transplanted at the University of Washington Medical Center where the kidney transplant had been completed. Several months later the pancreas failed and she received a second transplant. Lori has experienced several challenges since the transplants, but we walk by faith, as does she, and simply allow the Lord to work out the details.

In our early seventies, Joyce and I are experiencing the blessing of the Lord on our ministry. We feel that there is no such thing as retirement. We want to be found faithful when the Lord calls us to be with Him and reunited with our dear ones who have gone on before us.

This is a small glimpse of Pastor Cecil. My desire is to be used in any and every way the Lord chooses.

Blessings dear hearts. Walk with God today, trust Him completely, and be a blessing.

– – – Pastor Cecil




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