BUILD ON THE ROCK! – Luke 6:47-48 Devotional

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One Year Bible Scripture for Today

by Pastor Cecil

One Year Bible Reading for June 2nd:

    • 2 Samuel 19:10-20:13
    • John 21:1-25
    • Psalm 120:1-7
    • Proverbs 16:16-17

BUILD ON THE ROCK! – Luke 6:47-48 Devotional


Luke 6:47-48

“Whoever comes to Me, and hears My sayings and does them, I will show you whom he is like: He is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock. And when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently against that house, and could not shake it, for it was founded on the rock.”

I am always fascinated by the construction of tall buildings. The builders seem to be spending more time going down than going up. The reason is simple. Without a solid foundation built on solid rock, the building will lack stability and will be subject to catastrophic failure.

The same is true of buildings that are constructed in high wind zones. The rule of thumb in the construction of a building that will withstand the gales of adversity is to go deep before rising up.

Spiritually we have a fundamental application as well. Unless we dig deep and anchor our life into the bedrock of God’s Word, our spiritual walk will be subject to collapse when the winds of adversity howl around us.

I urge all of us to rededicate ourselves to spend more time on and in the solid rock of our precious Bible. Stand tall on the solid rock of His Word!

Blessings dear hearts! Walk with God today and be a blessing!

– – – Pastor Cecil